Our Volunteers are the HEART of the ANIMAL RESCUE CENTER!



When At Risk animals in over-crowded shelters need a place to go, we sometimes have the ability to place them into a safe Boarding Kennel to await safe Foster or Adoptive placement. We are in need of volunteers who are able to visit them at the Boarding Kennel to walk them and spend some quality time with them. This is imperative to the well being of the animals in boarding, as their daily walks are sometimes their only reprieve from long term kennel life. Walkers can visit on a weekly or daily basis, at their convenience within the kennel's hours of operation. For more info or to volunteer to walk rescue dogs in boarding, please call or text message 908-892-8166 or email HunterdonSomersetARC@gmail.com



We are in need of volunteers able to Transport Rescue Animals from over-crowded shelters to Foster homes, and also to and from Adoption Events, Vet Appointments, Spay/Netuer/Vaccination Apppointments. HSARC can reimburse fueling expenses in their entirety. Transport trips may include between 1-10 animals at a time, depending on your vehicle size and comfort level. If needed, a vehicle can be set up with carriers and provided to you, rather than using your personal vehicle if preferred!  Please contact us if you are interested in assisting HSARC with transporting rescue animals! Most frequent Transport legs: 

Newark, NJ to Bridgewater, NJ (Rescue intakes/ new arrivals)

Paterson, NJ to Bridgewater, NJ (Rescue intakes/ new arrivals)

Bridgewater, NJ to Allentown, PA (Spay/Neuter drop-off)

Allentown, PA to Bridgewater, NJ (Spay/Neuter pick-up)

Woodbridge, NJ to Bridgewater, NJ (Rescue intakes/ new arrivals)

Manhattan, NY to Bridgewater, NJ (Rescue intakes/ new arrivals)

Brooklyn, NY to Bridgewater, NJ (Rescue intakes/ new arrivals)

Staten Island, NY to Bridgewater, NJ (Rescue intakes/ new arrivals)

Yonkers, NY to Bridgewater. NJ (Rescue intakes/ new arrivals)

Bridgewater, NJ to Whitehouse Station, NJ (Exams/ Surgery)



Volunteers are needed to help with adoption events. Adoption events introduce Rescue Animals to the Public in a fun and friendly environment and are often a gateway to adoption!  To make each adoption event a success, help is greatly needed in the following areas:



*HOLDING DOGS ON LEASHES (During the event)


Adoption events are most frequently hosted at PETSMART in Flemington on weekend days between the hours of 11am-2pm. Please check out the next upcoming Event Date under the Events tab. 

If you are able to volunteer at an upcoming event, please email HunterdonSomersetARC@gmail.com



Thanks to our kind and generous partners at PETSMART in Flemington, we now have SAFE PLACEMENTS for up to 8 ADULT CATS, or up to 24 KITTENS, in the PETSMART ADOPTION SHOWCASE! In order to maintain residency of this showcase, we must provide CARE VISITS twice per day. Care Visits include cleaning, feeding, providing clean water, and playing with the cats and kittens to help socialize them! 

Listed below are times when Volunteers are MOST needed, though scheduling can be flexible so please contact us if you can help! Volunteer assistance is essential to maintaining the Rescue Kitties residency in the Showcase!  If you can assist during one of the needed shifts on a weekly basis, please contact us at 908-892-8166 or email HunterdonSomersetARC@gmail.com

*Mondays 9am

*Wednesdays 9am

*Wednesdays anytime between 2pm-7pm

*Thursday 9am

*Friday 9am

*Saturday 9am

*Saturday between 2pm-7pm

*Sunday 9am 

*Sunday between 2pm-4pm

*Volunteers must be 18+, OR accompanied by an adult guardian. 



Volunteers are needed to assist management of Social Media accounts, including TWITTER, INSTAGRAM,  PINTEREST, and various other social media outlets. If you are interested in helping us grow our following and promote Fostering and Adoption of Rescue Animals, please contact us immediately at 908-892-8166 or email HunterdonSomersetARC@gmail.com